Sourcing and Buying from Uzbekistan

What we do

  • Sourcing & Supporting & Connecting
  • Working for your Needs and Demands
  • Studying your business, preparing and negotiating on your behalf, and delivery of results;
  • Qualified team with many years of experience working with textile enterprises and organizations state power;
  • Taking the project completely under our control (as per your demands);
  • Assistance in a comfortable stay on the territory of Uzbekistan, hotel reservations, meeting at the airport before visiting businesses of interest.
  • Understanding the specifics and nuances of the local market in Uzbekistan;

Brief information about Uzbekistan

  • Presidential Democracy, President since 2016: Shavkat Mirziyoyev
  • Opening and liberalization since 2016
  • Stable political system
  • Population of about 34,0 million people
  • Capitol: Tashkent, about 3,2 million inhabitants
  • Currency So´m
  • Languages: Uzbek, Russian, Turkish
  • Religions: about 87% Muslim, 8% Russian Orthodox, 5% others
  • BIP 2017 about 223 bn usd (about 7,000 usd p.P.)
  • Main industries: mining (gold, uran, copper, gas), agriculture, cotton, silk, garment industry, peaking up: tourism
  • Biggest investors: China, Turkey, Korea

What´s important for Textile Business

  • Full GSP since April 2021
  • Positive ILO – report, lifting all previous sanctions (force labor etc.)
  • Sustainability
  • Cotton that is harvested in the country shall also be processed in the country from 2024 onwards
  • Shorter Leadtimes, shorter transportation times by Truck or Train
  • Competitive prices compared to South-East-Asia, on a high quality level in better working conditions
  • High standard factories with all up-to-date machinery
  • Inject / Digitalprinting / Photoprinting
  • Very good working environment & social conditions
  • Government supports in a big way textile Industry, e.g. financial supports to implement international standards


  • All kind of Knitwear (Tee´s, Sweatshirts etc.)
  • Woven wear
  • Denim
  • Formal wear, suits, coats, uniforms, hospital-wear,
  • Hosiery
  • Towels & Bathrobes, bed linen
    • Quick note: accessories, yarns, fabrics etc. which are not locally available, which are not produced in UZ, will be ordered mainly from Turkey and China

Geographical location

  • 5.200 km to Berlin, 5.700 km to Frankfurt
  • Transportation to Europa via Railway or Truck (about14 days)
  • Direct flights to Tashkent from Frankfurt (6h), very good
  • transitflights via Istanbul or Moscow (9-12h)
  • linked to the Silk Road

About us

  • Dieter Jansen – Tutelo Gmbh, Wunstorf office 
  • Partner

  • MUKHAMMAD MAKHMUDOV (tashkent office)
  • Partner, Head and Founder of Global Eximtex

  • ELIZAVETA SOKOLOVA (tashkent office)
  • Assistant to the head for work with international partners


  • SHAMSHOD YUNUSOV (tashkent office)
  • Assistant to the Head of Business Relations and Implementation of International Standards




Please contact us through our German office:

Tutelo GmbH

Im Stadtfelde 20

D-31515 Wunstorf



We will be happy to give   further details to you

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